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Lightening & Anti-aging 

Total Body Nurture’s Lightening & Anti-Aging Skin Care Products have something for every woman of every age to help beautify their skin.  The Refining Face Wash & Face Toner cleanse the skin leaving your face smooth and refreshed, prepped for serum or other treatments, especially at night.  Our BB Cream tones the skin by minimizing the visual appearance of blemishes, sun spots and sun burn; hydrates the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  Also the BB Cream acts as a great natural protective barrier for the skin to reduce the damage done by the sun and other free radicals.  The Repair Night Cream helps lighten your skin tone utilizing a very gentle formula and has added ingredients (Vitamin C) to help in renewing your youth by quickening the skin cells turnover.   After one bottle (should last no less than 4-6 weeks) of the Repair Night Cream, you see noticeable improvements that reveal young healthy skin cells, reduced pores and minimized appearance of imperfections.  To acheive the maximum potential of your skin beauty, these products have to be used consistently (as directed on the bottles), like food for our bodies, we have to keep to our beauty care schedule for optimal results.


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